New Feature
27 days ago

New Feature: Integration with Apache Sedona

We are excited to announce the latest feature update for Ilum - Integration with Apache Sedona! 🚀
With this new integration, you can now leverage the power of Apache Sedona within your Spark sessions on Ilum. Apache Sedona, formerly known as GeoSpark, is a cluster computing system specifically designed for processing large-scale spatial data. The combination of Apache Sedona and Ilum's interactive Spark sessions enables seamless analysis and visualization of spatial data.
Whether you're working with geospatial datasets, location-based services, or any other spatial data applications, the Integration with Apache Sedona on Ilum empowers you to handle complex spatial queries and operations with ease. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing spatial data separately and welcome a more integrated and efficient workflow.
Ready to take your spatial data analysis to the next level? Experience the Integration with Apache Sedona on Ilum now and discover new opportunities for spatial data processing and analysis in your Spark tasks.